Appearing Invisible in Discord

Haters can't hate if they don't know you're there!

There come times when using Discord without other people knowing you're online is convenient. This guide will demonstrate how you can enter Discord's "invisible" mode, so that your status will appear as offline, even though you most certainly are.

Appearing Offline on Desktop (Windows, Mac)

To appear offline on the Discord desktop, or in-browser client, simply click your profile image in the bottom left corner, and then click "Invisible", as pictured:

An image highlighting the buttons to click to appear offline in Discord on desktop versions

Appearing Offline on Mobile (Android, iOS)

Appearing offline on mobile Discord is essentially the same as on the desktop version. Click your profile image in the bottom left corner of the screen, and select the "Invisible" option. Pictured below:

Highlighted are the locations on the screen to tap to appear offline on mobile Discord


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