Toggling Text-to-Speech On and Off in Discord

Say no to annoying loud messages!

Text-to-Speech can be useful feature for those with impaired hearing, or to get the attention of someone who isn't reading their Discord, but when overused or used inappropriately, it can be very annoying and it might be preferrable to not hear it. This is a simple guide on how to turn it off and on.

Firstly, navigate to your user settings, by clicking the wrench in the bottom left hand corner of the Discord client:

The user settings button in Discord

After entering your user settings, click "Text & Images" in the left-hand menu, and toggle the "Allow playback and usage of /tts command" option off to mute TTS (toggle on to enable TTS), see pictured:

The disable TTS button in the Discord Text & Images options

That's it! You have now successfully disabled (or enabled) TTS.


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