Chat Formatting

Tips, tricks and help for formatting your messages in Discord.


Discord Bold Chat Formatting

A guide detailing Discord's bold text markup.
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Discord Italic Chat Formatting

A simple guide that explains how to write text in italics in Discord.
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Italicized Bold Chat Formatting

The only way to write messages that are both bold and italic at the same time.
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Underlined Chat Formatting

Did you know that messages can be underlined in Discord? If not, you do now!
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Discord Strikethrough Chat Formatting

Learn how to put a line through your messages.. snazzy.
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Ways to Quote Discord Messages

Some not-quite-official but almost-as-good ways to quote what others have said in Discord.
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Using Code Blocks

The in-and-outs of Discord's chat markup code blocks.
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New Line in Message

A simple guide that explains how to create a multiple line message.
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