Using Code Blocks

The in-and-outs of Discord's chat markup code blocks.

Code blocks are used for two main reasons: to highlight code, and to make messages colorful. The latter is probably why you're looking at this guide, but it covers both use cases in detail.

Basic Formatting

One Line Code Block

A one line code block is easy to create. Simply quote your message with grave accents, that's these things - '`'. The message `single line code block` would look like this:

A simple one-line code block

Multiline Code Block

Multiline code blocks are almost as easy to create as single-line code blocks. You can create them by quoting your message with three grave accents ('```'), instead of one. The message:
would show up in chat as:

A Discord multiline code block spanning four lines

Tip: Hitting SHIFT+ENTER at the same time allows you create a new line without sending a message.


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