Disabling @everyone in a Discord Server

Too many notifications can be annoying.

If you don't want to annoy your Discord server members with lots of pointless @everyone notifications from random users, you're in the right place. This is a guide on how to disable @everyone for either your whole server, or just one channel.

Disabling @everyone for the Entire Server

If you want to disable @everyone for all channels in a Discord server, it's very to do. Simply enter your server settings:

Discord server settings button

Navigate to "Roles", select @everyone, and toggle the "Mention Everyone" option off, as pictured:

The roles setting menu, with the mention everyone setting toggled off

Don't forget to press the "Save Changes" button! This will prevent anyone without another role (default) from using @everyone. If you have other roles that you wish to toggle @everyone off for, simply select them from the roles menu, and toggle the "Mention Everyone" permission off.

Disabling @everyone for a Channel

Disabling @everyone for just one channel (or a few) is just as easy as disabling the feature for an entire server. Right click the name of the channel you wish to disable @everyone for, and click "Edit Channel":

Edit channel button for the channel you'd like to disable @everyone for

After entering the "Edit Channel" menu, navigate to "Permissions", select "@everyone" and toggle the "Mention Everyone" option off:

Disabling @everyone for a single channel

Press "Save Changes" to save this change - and then you're done! If you have roles other than the default that you'd like to disable @everyone for, you will need to toggle the "Mention Everyone" option off for those too.


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