Muting a Member of Your Server

Prevent someone from sending messages.

Sometimes a mute is more appropriate than a ban or kick in a Discord server. This guide shows you how to go about setting up a "Muted" role for your Discord server.

Firstly, navigate to your "Server Settings" (top left):

Discord Server Settings button

Next, press the "Roles" button and add a new role:

The new role button

After adding a new role, you can name it whatever you like, we've called our role "Muted".

You will then need to disallow the muted role from sending messages in each individual category (or channel). It isn't possible to set a server permission based global mute without changing @everyone's permissions, which is why you need to modify the permissions of each individual category or channels. To do this, right click each category or channel and click "Edit Category" (or "Edit Channel"):

Discord Edit Channel button

After clicking edit category or channel, select the "Permissions" tab and add the muted role:

Selecting the muted role we previously created

Then, after making sure you're editing the muted role's permissions, toggle off the "Send Messages" permission and save. This will make it so that role cannot send messages. See pictured:

The 'Send Message' permission is disabled for the muted role

If you chose to do this via category permissions, rather than channels, you may need to sync channel permissions. Otherwise, after making those changes for all categories (or channels), the muted role will be fully functional.

After setting this up, to mute a member of your Discord server, simply give them this role:

Giving a user the muted role we just created


If your muted role isn't working, check below for common problems.

Channel Roles Not Set

You must assign the channel permissions for all channels in your server, otherwise users with the muted role will be able to send messages in the channels without permissions set.

Another Role with "Send Messages" Permission

In Discord, any channel permission marked "Yes" (the tick) will override a channel permission marked "No" (the cross). This means that if a user has any role that has a tick for "Send Messages", regardless of how it is ordered, that user will be able to speak even when they have the muted role.

To fix this issue, mark any "Send Messages" permission that isn't No (the cross) with the middle option (the slash), like so:

The default Send Messages channel setting in Discord


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